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Learn to Row for 11-16 Year Olds

Our Learn to Row courses are aimed at complete beginners. For people with no knowledge about rowing, our Learn to Row courses carefully build your skills so that you can call yourself a rower!

The course is designed to develop your rowing from complete beginner to a “novice” level. Each course consists of 4 sessions run over 2 days. Some courses may run during the day on a weekend, while others compress the timetable and also include sessions on a weekday evening.

Birmingham Rowing Club is a competitive club, with men and women of all ages racing at regional, national and even international levels. Training as part of a racing squad takes time and commitment to your fellow crew members – but being part of a team can reward you in ways that other sports and fitness challenges cannot. And there’s nothing like the exhilaration of being on the river in a fast, fine racing boat!

We run a 2 stage programme. Each stage is 4 sessions (2 days) long.

Part 1 Learn To Row
During part one of the Learn to Row course you will learn the fundamentals of rowing. Technique, equipment and boatmanship (how to control and move the boat around). Towards the end of part one you should be able to navigate a short course on the reservoir. Upon completion of part one you will be able to progress onto part two. The cost for Part 1 is £45 which includes a logbook and 3 months British Rowing registration.

Part 2 Learn To Row
Part two of the Learn to Row course will allow you to improve on the skills you have learnt during part 1, you will progress onto a longer course on the reservoir and will move into ‘fine racing boats’ by the end of the course*. Upon completion of part 2 you will have the opportunity to join Birmingham Rowing club at a discounted price for your first years membership. This allows you to take your rowing further at both recreational and competitive levels. If you don’t wish to join the club there will be other opportunities for recreational rowing and skill development, more details to follow.

Part two can also be used as a refresher for anyone who has previously attended a Learn to Row course but has been unable to carry on with the sport, and would like to give it another go.

*this will be dependent on numbers and ability.

We teach all beginners how to scull – this is rowing with 2 oars one in each hand (think Katherine Grainger at the Rio Olympics) rather than sweep oar rowing with just one oar (like the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race). Over the course you will learn all about handling boats and how to row safely on the water both on your own and in crew boats. We will start you off in recreational boats which are very stable and help you to develop your technique then as your confidence grows you will have the chance to try ‘fine’ boats which are narrower and faster. At the end of the course our aim is that all participants are able to row safely and with confidence.

While the sessions are planned the coaches will develop each participant at their own rate, so you won’t be rushed or asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

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Learn to Row for 11-16 Year Olds