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Every organisation is as unique as it’s participants and that’s why we will always take the time to find out what you want to achieve and how we can meet these goals. Whether you are looking to provide enrichment in curriculum time or something completely different we can provide the solution. A couple of ideas are below:

Satellite Club We currently run 15 satellite clubs within schools, where possible we train young activators to utilise the equipment further.
PE lessons Some students simply don’t engage with mainstream sports; we regularly run PE lessons to engage these people.
Learn to Row Courses We run Learn to Row course regularly for both adults and children.

Indoor Rowing in Birmingham?

Outdoor Rowing in Birmingham?

For many rowing is very much related to their fitness and indoor sessions using rowing ergos allow them to develop their strength, endurance and cardiovascular levels.
Whether it’s on a local lake or at our base on Edgbaston Reservoir we can provide your organisation with a safe and enjoyable session. We regularly use specially built sculling boats that have stabiliser riggers to enable the novice to gain their balance on what can be unstable boats.

Learn To Row with B-ROW

Join us on one of our beginners courses and learn the basics before joining Birmingham Rowing Club. Find out more and book on our booking pages.

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